Comm 331-002 - Message Analysis & Criticism
Syllabus - Fall 2017

Reading Citations (these readings will be linked below on this website under the week they are assigned if they are not included in the course textbooks):

**Please note that the below readings are available to you via the links provided on this webpage in our daily schedule. These links will NOT work if you are not directly connected to the Boise State University network. You MUST login to the library system BEFORE the links will take you directly to the pdf version of the reading.**

You are responsible for printing out the pdf version (NOT the full text HTML version - when it is available)  and bring it with you to class each day we discuss it. Below are a list of all supplemental readings, including those included in your Burgchardt textbook.

Benson, Thomas W. “The Rhetorical Structure of Frederick Wiseman’s Primate.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 71 (1985): 204-217.

Blair, Carole, Marsha S. Jeppeson, and Enrico Pucci, Jr. “Public Memorializing in Postmodernity: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial as Prototype.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 77 (1991): 263-288.

Burke, Kenneth. The Philosophy of Literary Form: Studies in Symbolic Action. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. 1941.

Campbell, Karlyn Kohrs. “The Rhetoric of Women’s Liberation: An Oxymoron.” The Quarterly Journal of Speech 59 (1973): 74-86.

Dorsey, Leroy G. and Rachel M. Harlow. “‘We Want Americans Pure and Simple’: Theodore Roosevelt and the Myth of Americanism.” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 6 (2003): 55-78.

Ivie, Robert L. “The Metaphor of Force in Prowar Discourse: The Case of 1812.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 68 (1982): 240-253.

Fisher, Walter R. “Narration as a Human Communication Paradigm: The Case of Public Moral Argument.” Communication Monographs 51 (1984): 1-22.

Leff, Michael C. and Gerald P. Mohrmann. “Lincoln at Cooper Union: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Text.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 60 (1974): 346–358.

Mechling, Elizabeth Walker and Jay Mechling. “The Campaign for Civil Defense and the Struggle to Naturalize the Bomb.” Western Journal of Speech Communication 55 (1991): 105-133.

Nakayama, Thomas K. and Robert L. Krizek. “Whiteness: A Strategic Rhetoric.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 81 (1995): 291-309.

Osborn, Michael. “Archetypal Metaphor in Rhetoric: The Light-Dark Family.” The Quarterly Journal of Speech 53 (1967): 115-126.

Ott, Brian L. and Eric Aoki. “The Politics of Negotiating Public Tragedy: Media Framing of the Matthew Shepard Murder.” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 5 (2002): 483-505.

Rosenfield, Lawrence W.  “The Anatomy of Critical Discourse.” Speech Monographs 35 (1968): 50-69.

Simons, Herbert W. “Requirements, Problems, and Strategies: A Theory of Persuasion for Social Movements.” The Quarterly Journal of Speech 56 (1970): 1-11.

All readings are to be completed BEFORE each class period under which they are listed on the weekly calendar below. Be sure to bring the text and all relevant readings to class on the day they are discussed.

Weekly Assignments

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